Electron GUI installer for BetterDiscord using Svelte.




What is this?

This repository contains the source code for the BetterDiscord installer. This installer is written with electron-webpack and Svelte 3.


├──assets                  // Contains static assets (such as images) used by the installer.
|  └──images               // Images (logos, backgrounds, etc...) used by the installer.
├──scripts                 // Scripts needed for development and contributing.
└──src                     // The installer's source code.
    ├──main                // Electron "main" process. Creates and configures the BrowserWindow.
    └──renderer            // Electron "renderer" process. Contains most components and scripts.
        ├──actions         // Scripts performed by the installer such as installing, repairing and uninstalling.
        |  └──utils        // Common utilities used by installer actions (such as killing discord).
        ├──common          // Common UI components such as buttons, checkboxes, radios, etc...
        ├──pages           // Component files for each page in the installer's setup process.
        ├──stores          // Svelte store used for storing global data.
        |  └──types        // Used for defining custom svelte stores.
        └──transitions     // Contains custom Svelte transitions and animations.