About Me

For those that want to know a little more.


I get asked about this a lot, but the origin of this pseudonym is quite simple. I took the first letter of my real name, Z, and combined it with something I thought was cool. At the time, I was really into Greek mythology, so I went with the god Erebus (also spelled Erebos). But it wasn't originally intended to become my online pseudonym, it was a name for my Skyrim character. Using it as a pseudonym came shortly thereafter because I liked it so much!

I also get asked about avatar I use. This was much more recent. During my graduate school work, I took a course on computer graphics and ai. So I built my own ai from scratch and trained it on a specific style of imagery. Once I got the ai to the point I thought was acceptable, I prompted it with just my pseudonym Zerebos and it came up with this. I've been using it ever since, but I really would like to have one made in the same style by a real artist. So if you happen to be an artist—or know one with this style—please reach out!


I work at IBM as a firmware engineer for the System Z mainframes. I specifically work in the recovery area, so when something goes wrong, my code kicks in to try and fix things and get them back to a working state. Outside of that, I work on BetterDiscord and the ecosystem around it. I run a Discord server for the San Francisco 49ers. I tweet. I play video games. And occasionally, I work on other small side projects that get put up on GitHub. Other than that, I don't do too much under this pseudonym just yet.


I think going forward I might try to get a little more into the content creator space. A lot of my friends have encouraged me to start streaming games because I have funny reactions and commentary. And users from the BetterDiscord world have encouraged me to do development streams. It definitely seems like there's a potential audience, and streaming seems kinda fun. So who knows? Maybe that's in my near future.

As for future projects, I don't have anything big cooking at the time of writing. But I'm sure something will come up soon. It usually does when I least expect it.